The future of raw milk in the UK needs safeguarding

We know raw milk is a downright delicious and nutritious food and we’re passionate about it.  We also know it can be produced perfectly safely with care and dedication – many of us have done it for decades.  It’s also true that raw milk carries risks if it’s not produced with best practices, and if this happens it could make people ill.  Raw milk is always in the spotlight, and if regulators have concerns it could provoke a ban on selling it.  This threat is real – it has already happened in Scotland.

We are RMPA, and we are here to support raw milk farmers to produce the best quality milk and make it more available to everyone.  We want to protect our right to drink and sell raw milk in the future – will you join us?

 Why we need you

 Since we started RMPA in 2019 we have been focussed on working with raw milk producers, but we believe it’s important to involve everyone who has a stake in raw milk’s future.  So far, we’ve mostly run by volunteer raw milk farmers, but our goals are ambitious and there is a lot more to do, and for that we need funds to grow our network and do more to support farmers to make raw milk the best it can be.

By joining RMPA you can be part of this movement, be connected with what’s happening in the rich world of raw milk and help us secure its future in the UK.